The company F.LLI PELLEGRINO – Suolettificio SRL it operates in the footwear industry since 1950.
The Company, headquartered in Aversa (CE) and plant in Carinaro in Strada Consortile Asi Zone – Polo Footwear Unica lot B / 3’s corporate building accessories, leather and rubber, shoe soles and more specifically , undercoats, insoles.

The company originates from the work done in the field by the spouses: Pellegrino Vincenzo and D’Anna Aprea, who have worked for many years employed by companies.
In 1960 Vincenzo Pellegrino, assisted by his wife, he started their own business for the production of such items; in 1983, also he began working in the company of the first-born Sigg. Pellegrino, Vito, who still runs the company with passion and professionalism, transforming the simple production in continuous search of materials and innovative models for the production of leather soles, TR, TPU, PVC, microporous and para, aimed at meet the needs and the continuous evolution of the market trends.

The company’s activities have gradually developed since 1986 (in particular for the production of rubber soles), with sales rising steadily.
The company that has developed on a covered area of ​​5000 square meters. in which are included the mill, offices, warehouses of input and output, the areas occupied by the services of establishment.
The positive trend in which the business is located is a remarkable achievement considering the particular productive sector in which it operates. This fact is always changing due to continuously changing market trends and the increasing competition in this sector.
The type of production of PELLEGRINO Suolettificio F.LLI SRL It differs in two main branches:

• Production of leather soles

• Production of soles in thermoplastic rubber (TR, TPU, PVC)

The types of soles produced are virtually endless, given that the constant changes in fashion involve the realization of series of products almost never the same as the previous.