The main products of Suolettificio Pellegrino:

  • Insoles in PU

The polyurethane for the insoles is a rubbery material, biodegradable, formed by the chemical reaction of polyol and isocianto in the presence of a suitable additive that gives the final product the characteristics of flexibility, softness, lightness and strength desired.

  • TR soles

The TR is a thermoplastic material very versatile that printing via injection machines. There are countless quality of the compound, selected on the basis of the type of article to be produced. Among the main features of the TR are innate characteristics of slip resistance and the ability to copy every detail of the mold perfectly, even the smallest. There is also the possibility of painting the TR soles or prepare the mold in the design phase to directly produce soles bicolor. It is a very versatile material used mainly in casual and sports shoes.

  • TPU outsole

The soles TPU represent the best as regards the production of Suolificio Pellegrino, as this type of material allows to realize soles with mechanical characteristics and especially aesthetic of absolute importance.
TPU is a compound extremely abrasion resistant, lends itself very well to the paint and especially does not need to be halogenated thus making it leaner assembly step.
The aesthetic of the TPU is the highest level and allows, through the use of special finishes of the mold, to create funds with the appearance of rubber.

  • Leather soles customizable

Our long experience in the production of soles allows us to realize today leather soles of excellent quality. We take care ourselves of the choice of the best raw materials and we follow the process step by step.

  • Soles Micro (Microporous)

Microporous soles are suitable for all kinds of shoes and provide a perfect fit to the shape of the foot. We are among the few able to perform the shaping of this material.

  • Soles Thunit

The thunit is a single material. It is the best alternative to leather, it presents almost identical. It has features of flexibility, workability, abrasion resistance and water resistance that guarantee performance sometimes even superior to natural leather. The advantage is that it costs less .

  • Lasers for skin , leather and plastics .

In 2015 the company introduced new machines to keep up with the times and provide products that are more detailed and cared for, including a laser machine we can affect skin, scalp and all plastics.